With over 10 years experience in Management Consulting complemented by senior Operations and General Management roles in the Middle East, Almas Consulting offers a unique mix of capabilities and experiences.


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.




Growth is the most important driver of shareholder returns in the long‑term, but only few companies succeed in achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

At times this happens because of major disruptions in the market place (new competitors, new technologies, etc.). More often, though, the company’s business model is still valid but has become overly complex, making difficult to keep focus and make rapid decisions.

Establishing a sustainable path of profitable growth requires thorough analysis, aligned and committed leadership, and focused investments to re‑invigorate the core business while also expanding into suitable adjacencies.

Performance Improvement

Almas Consulting helps companies assess their full potential, and then design and drive the specific performance improvement actions (revenue and/or cost related) required to achieve this goal.

We work closely with the client’s team to first evaluate the current performance against relevant internal or external benchmarks through an analysis‑driven diagnostic in order to identify the main issues and, most importantly, their root causes.

We then identify and prioritize the required improvement actions based on Impact and Effort, developing a phased plan where initial successes help build the momentum and sustain the financial clout required to swiftly move to the next phase.


Due to an unprecedented acceleration in socio‑economic volatility caused by the convergence of multiples forces (digitization, regulation, globalization, etc.), businesses are increasingly seeing Transformation as a business imperative.

This happens when the company’s leaders realize that incremental changes and improvement actions are not sufficient to address the challenges faced by the company, and agree on the need to implement a significant shift in the strategy based on a new vision for the company.

Almas Consulting will support its clients across the various stages of the Transformation journey, from performing the initial diagnostic to re‑defining the company’s ambitions, set targets and develop an aspiring yet realistic Transformation roadmap and plan.


The increasing need for transformation in turn leads to an increasing number of Change Management programs being launched by corporations worldwide. In fact many Boards have appointed CEOs and senior Executives with the explicit mission to drive change within their organizations in order to reach new levels of performance. 

Unfortunately only a small part of these projects deliver the expected results, and many fail or are stalled for extended periods of time, with the risk of aggravating, rather than improving, the competitive and financial situation of the company.

Common recognized issues and roadblocks are represented by:

  • the lack of clearly defined objectives and milestones, against which progress can be timely and effectively measured;
  • insufficient commitment and leadership by senior Executives;
  • delays in the identification, communication and mitigation of operational issues.

Almas Consulting will critically review and assess the client's transformation needs and objectives, driving the development of a robust Change Management program and playing an active role in its oversight and governance.