Thanks to its long experience within and around ICT, Almas Consulting is able to support corporations operating in all those industries for which Technology has traditionally represented, or has more recently become, the engine of their business model and also their key transformation enabler.


The purpose of a business is to create a customer.

Peter drucker



There is no doubt that ICT is revolutionizing not only how we work, but, maybe most importantly, how we socialize, spend our free time and satisfy our daily needs for goods and services. A new generation of consumers has emerged in this digitalized world, with very different needs and preferences compared to the past.

In this rapidly evolving scenario, ICT companies are facing the challenge of managing a growing but highly variable demand for IT products and services.

This requires first selecting the right target segments, and then designing, and eventually bringing to market, an offering easily understandable, perceived as differentiated and, ultimately, optimally fit to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Having worked for some of the largest IT players on a variety of different challenges, from Sales Organization to Portfolio Development, Almas Consulting is best suited to help ICT companies in the Middle East to profitably grow their market and consolidate their presence in this high potential region.

Financial Services

Almost all industry experts agree that the Financial Services industry is facing a big market discontinuity which is triggering a fundamental shift in how the business will be carried out in the future.

In fact, transformation is ubiquitous and is undergoing in every aspect of our life, not only in banking or insurance. We are changing the way we communicate, we take care of our health, we connect and collaborate with each other, we connect with and manage our money.

More specifically on Banking, four main factors have the potential to reshape the retail banking industry worldwide and in the Middle East:

  • the rising regulatory pressures
  • the rapid adoption of digital channels and the use of customer analytics
  • the rising customer expectations and the influence played by social media
  • the shift in demographics with the increasing relevance of Generation Y

With experience stretching from Marketing to Channels, and from Branch Transformation to IT Governance, Almas Consulting can effectively help Middle Eastern financial institutions in the design of their growth and cost optimization strategies, while also supporting them during the implementation phase.

Public Services

Since a few years, Central and Local government authorities worldwide are going through a profound re‑organization, if not a complete transformation, to improve the quality of the services provided to their citizens and make them more equally accessible.

In this regard, the launch of Dubai's e‑Government initiatives or the creation of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment represent clear examples of the importance given to this strategic goal, as well as of the magnitude and complexity of the endeavor.

As ICT technologies represent the key enabler of all e‑service initiatives, Almas Consulting can provide a valuable support to local and central government authorities, from the definition of business needs and functional requirements to their translation in technology specifications, down to the supervision and coordination of the actual implementation by technology partners.

Logistics & Transportation

The Logistics & Transportation industry has traditionally represented a highly volatile industry, closely linked to the economic cycles and oil prices. In addition, it has undergone unprecedented changes in the past years as a result of globalization, deregulation, consolidation, and the emergence of e‑commerce.

Almas Consulting can help Logistics & Transportation providers find new ways to meet the additional stretch put on operational performance and profitability, including the orchestration of digital capabilities and the development of innovative loyalty programs directed at the Millennial generation.